Imran Malek

Sat 06 February 2021

My foray into home automation with home assistant

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This post talks about my first foray into home automation.


Strangely enough, there was one thing that motivated this entire adventure. Our home has a set of lights on the porch that need to get turned on every night. After a few weeks of manually turning them on (or forgetting to turn them off once day breaks), I broke down and decided that I would find a solution. Not content with a simple programmable timer, I wanted something that would turn the lights on at sunset and off at sunrise - without having to reprogram it every few months to account for seasonal changes. This was all the justification I needed to dig into home automation.


The first thing that I did before even starting along this journey was understand the basics of how the various pieces of equipment work inside my home. For this, I leaned heavily on …